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By Igor Byzow

My Angel takes me into his confidence
       Just like the realized dream of Copperfield's sense
       He taught me the art of flight
       Now I can take you with me at night!

       Don't fear and trust me
       Only lean on my knee!
       I'll take you in strong arms
       And elevate you on the clouds.

       We'll sit close with each other
       And we'll swim here as bathers
       Remembering childhood we'll dangle our legs.
       The coolness of clouds will prick our ankles.

       Our Earth is so small from here
       Neither the war and nor disaster
       Nor earthquake and nor Illness
       Only the beat of your heart breaks the stillness.

       I'll tell you about my dream of life
       I want to learn the secret of His craft.
       And I wave the magic wand
       At once it will spill the wonderful sound.

       Just like a glittering golden rain
       It cascades on the ground's pain
       In every house comes in the kindness
       And in the hearts of people the happiness.

       They'll forget about wars and sicknesses
       The joy and the love will fill our planet always!
       My Teacher says that the Love will save our world
       And I believe Him entirely so my dream will be fulfilled!

December. 1999

Copyright © 1999 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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