To FriendЕ

By Igor Byzow

You are most precious thing I have in my life
There is no treasure in the world like a friend.
Your friendship is that valuable.
More than anything that can be bought or sold.

Friend doesn't look like usual people.
The friend has a special heart.
It can feel the same pain and languish as me,
Even if we living so long distance.

The friend has a special hands.
At times when I sink in the ocean of problems,
Your saving strong hands
Raise me from these sucking swamps.

The friend has wonderful and magical eyes.
Only you to cast your glance at me
And all my sadness had lifted,
As a mist under the rays of morning sun.

The friend has a special face.
If I will see your charming smile,
So I haven't be valid to knit my brows
And I will smile to you certainly!

The friend has a special cordiality
And it can melt all things
The Sun hasn't power to do it even.
These are my heart and soul.

The friend can have different color skin.
The friend can live far away from me
The friend can be stout or skinny
The friend can have physical defects.

But the friend has one main quality
That it is distinguishing from others.
This is the beauty of his soul
And it is real genuine Beauty.

Without it my life become nonsensical
And I can to lost so fast as
The picked and faded wildflowers
Someone threw and forgot on the bench.

I meet every my day with joy
With hope that my friend will be with me always
And whatever storm and changes occur in our life
Will never wash our friendship by heartless waves.

July 2000

Copyright © 2000 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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