I was dead, but now....

By Igor Byzow

I was dead.. like a rusty lock with a key
And worms of the indifference devoured me.
As if a massive weight of the ground pressed heavy upon my chest,
It was impossible for my feelings to break away on the rest.

Black and white life flew by dull
The days were gray and equal,
As in the everlasting tunnel with flashing light
They hadn't time to illuminate my side.

I was dead I revived in my sleep only
And it was as in nice fairytale, really!
I was dying gradually, but something survive
In the distance places of my heart was life!

The mute and cold Moon was the mistress of my house,
Once alive juice of my love was covered the thin ice.
The romance of my youth now seems inconceivable
Forever lost never retrievable.

I was dead but suddenly, once in the my blue
As rainbow droplets of morning dew,
As they melted this early coolness,
Like the fetters my soul became worthless

You appeared as a rainbow after summer rain
You cleansed my heart the water of life, removing the pain.
Your breath warmed the faded flower,
Your fingers raised the bowed stem with tender power.

I was dead but now there is a warm caress,
Changed the cold and Moon's hostess.
My heart was as dark as a house closed up tight,
Yet now the forgotten sun does burst forth with its light.

Like the hand of an invisible painter
You paint over this black and white picture
With beautiful colors, and now the silent film has come alive
And now I want to sing as a newborn bird only revived!

Once upon a time, I was dead Now every morning
When I open my eyes, I see that you are smiling
Now my soul with safe guard
And I feel your Angel with me always, as God!

And now I know, that I never die.

October. 99 .
Copyright 1999 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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