By Igor Byzow

You came into my heart so gently and noiselessly
That I found myself a captive of your passion
But I don't want resist that fully
"...and I love you..."

Your wishes and your soul run into mine so
That now I can't distinguish between us.
You are me, I am you,
"...and I love you.."

You, dear Princess, sacrificed yourself so fearlessly
That you have saved your beloved Prince
And you have the key to my heart.
"...and I love you..."

Your tender key has opened the lock of my heart so
That all my concealed feelings broke away
As white doves get their freedom,
"...and I love you..."

Your angel fell in love with my angel so
That they have no barriers of distance;
And every night they come together,
"...and I love you..."

Our magical dreamland opened new pages in Love's book.
That which is written shall stand in Heaven,
And now is our love equal to eternity,
"...and I love you..."

August 1999
Copyright © 1999 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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