What are the tears?

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By Igor Byzow

This is small part of soul break away
As like waves of ocean covering the bay
And it keep the scents on the cheeks and sands
In form of bitter-salt crystals.

These is sweetest rest after the delivery,
The hug and clasp to the bosom carefully,
Greedy bites of lips of precious baby,
Droplets of pain mixed up with joy's lady.

There are caprices, first "Why so?"
And light penalty and first "No!"
These are first steps, the fall and bruises,
And milk-teeth, the allergy and doctors.

These are wins in the school and sports
And sudden surge of pride for our kids.
These are raise the National flag and keep the peace
The pride for own guys combat against violence.

These are first love and sleepless nights,
Treason of friend and sweetheart's lies.
When you cry silently and fear to wake the house
Tomorrow only humid pillow betray the night feelings.

These are time when you have to part with beloved
After these love. As like he steadily roved.
And presented favorite toy take away now
And your hands won't warm it tomorrow.

This is intolerable pain of inevitable loss
And the impotence to stop the eat up body by death moss.
But the faith that they'll get Eternity instead of its
And next meeting ahead to suppress our sobs.

These are the sin and the Repentance
With new inhabitant inside you get Forgiveness!
And He render precious assistance,
And He guarantees to you the Paradise!

These is a flight our souls during intimacy,
And the access of tenderness. That's a mercy!
To burn with the desire to flow together
As darling baby to own mother.

As ocean which full of our tears
As all they so value in my own ways.
And I am ready to give up all my heart
For tears of joy on cheeks of my sweetheart.

8 January 2000
Copyright © 2000 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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