Romantic vision

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By Igor Byzow

It's raining. You are near your window.
You are alone. But you aren't lonely
You know I am standing with my sadness
Somewhere in the distance.
And I am peering into the ocean line.

To your great surprise you see us both on the wet glass
We are walking barefoot on the beach of a nice lake
The accompaniment of the rain mixes with the song of the waterfall
We drank from so very fresh and clean air of splashing water
And it fills ours bodies with incredible feelings.

Now we are in the fairyland of our dreams
Ours souls don't fear whatever distances
With beautiful of our hearts.
Paradise birds sing their songs to us both
And all nature is awoke from its doze.

Wind from flitted wings of butterflies lifts us
And we're soaring under the ocean of wildflowers
By holding ours hands and we touch pleasant velvet
Of smiling cornflowers and camomiles.
We're listening to the ring of joy bluebells.

We will be together soon
As these bright drops on the glass
They trickle down slowly and collect strength
And clear obstacles to seek the path to each other
Joined impetuously and suddenly.

Fallen drops give birth on the ground
And on this place will grow the July flowers
Which will clean and delete from your heart all sadness.
Your heart will overfill the joy in this birthday
The firework of our love will ignite on Sunday!

It's raining. You are near your window.
You are alone. But you aren't lonely.
As if you have woken from sleep
You understand that lunch finished and you must go,
But something drew your attention

The wind bring to your window-sill by invisible hand
The some wildflowers and they strewn there
You can't stop your gaze
Oh My God!
Oh, what is this vision?

June 2000 .
Copyright 2000 by Igor Byzow, All rights reserved
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